Tue 3 Sep - Oban, Scotland

Lazy day in Oban...

As the weather forecast was a bit grim for the next couple of days, we had a slow and lazy morning today.

Breakfast was downstairs in the community room by 9am and here is Di sipping her morning tea.

We did a bit of online admin, extended the car hire for another 2 weeks which was not such an easy affair, booked some train tickets, picked up our previously dirty and stinking clothes from the hostel reception. They had done a marvelous job. In fact, the clothes had probably not been that clean, soft and as neatly folded since we left Australia in January.

During a temporary stop in the rain around 11am, we ventured out to have a look at downtown Oban, which turned out to be a very nice and attractive town.

Here is Hans down by the Corran Esplanade and Oban Bay.

Looking south along the esplanade.

This round Romanesque building is called McCaig's Tower (we think). Don't know any more about it.

Di a bit further north on the Corran Esplanade. Beach to the right.

Oban seemed to have a very busy harbour. There are many ferry routes from and to here, 6 different ones according to Google Maps. Not sure where these larger ferries go to.

Looking across Oban Bay towards Kerrera Island, where we plan to hike tomorrow.

We wandered back to town and decided that it was cuppa time at Oban Chocolate Company. Not so much because they were making their own chocolate inside their premises (do you believe that?), but that it was very busy and they appeared to take their coffee seriously.

Inside the premises...

Oh yes, Hans probably had his best coffee since we arrived on the British Isles. A Caffe Latte with an extra shot hit the spot very nicely. Looking out from the cafe... Ehh, Oban Chocolate Company.

Di went for a milkshake and we both shared a plate of 4 small chocolate pieces. Verrrry nice. We may be back.

Following today's theme of lazy, Hans made himself very comfortable on the couch inside Oban Chocolate Company while Di went out to do some additional food shopping. Di had big plans for what can be achieved in a hostel kitchen with limited equipment. A 30 minute round walking trip to the Food Co-Operative was her main exercise for today.

BTW, Di called the couches of Oban Chocolate Company a "husband pod". Hans thought that would be a pretty accurate description.

Back to our hostel for lunch... We stayed on the top floor, middle window and to the right. Yep, that tiny little window on the cream coloured side was ours. And yes, as our room is in the attic and part of our room is taken up by the sloping roof. It is a little challenging for Di to reach her side of the bed...walk to corner, sit, twist, stand up and watch your head. Surprisingly no bumped head yet...knock on wood.

Di in the kitchen preparing lunch... Salmon and corn chowder... And some time later back in the kitchen preparing dinner...

Doesn't she just love it when nobody else is around so she could have the whole kitchen to herself...

Meanwhile, Hans was sorting out a few admin items; there were papers to be printed with signatures to be applied and scanned for emailing to Sydney so that we can receive continuous funding for the trip (I.e. very important) - the reception of Backpackers Plus hostel was very kind to help us out with that. Also, getting a long overdue haircut.

Here is the result of another economy haircut (lots of hair removed for £6). Looking good!

Hans walked a few blocks up George Street for his haircut, to a place imaginatively called "Barber Shop" that Di had spotted earlier. Hans "learnt" a few things from the quite opinionated Scottish barber...:

  • The "fluffy" hair Hans gets (Di's term) is referred to as "microphone" hair - think static electricity.
  • A lot of Danes come to Scotland to "shoot things", in particular deer
  • Women should not go to a barber shop, they should go to a hairdresser. If a woman comes in to his shop, he referred them to the hairdresser across the street. It she insisted, it was then "lunchtime" and he would close his shop...


Late afternoon and Di was assembling lasagne, then we both had a tea while we relaxed more and the lasagne cooked. Today we've pretty much had the whole house to ourselves and really made ourselves at home. Nice.

For most of our dinner in the hostel we were still all by ourselves - seemed much quieter tonight.

Dinner, of course, was absolutely delicious with garden salad as an entree and the lasagne cooked to perfection for main. All washed down with St Hallet Shiraz from South Australia. So good...

As we finished off our meals and we were allowing the second half (and a bit) to cool before refrigeration a bloke came in to finish off some of us own leftovers. We offered him the spare bit of lasagne which was still warm. He accepted and came and chatted with us in the dining room. Turns out he was Polish from Gdansk, but had been working in London for 11 years and now in Oban for the last year as a building contractor for the hostel.

We introduced ourselves - Wojtek seemed an articulate and interesting guy, and before we knew it we had chatted for an hour. Di also gave him our Bega pasta leftovers from last night which he happily accepted (Di can't help feeding people - at home this would be Jeremy's leftovers - sorry).

Back in our room at 9pm after a really nice night. Ready to be active again tomorrow.


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