Sun 29 Sep - Awsworth, England

Transport day... And a low photo day...

Going back north again as we needed to return the car in Newcastle on Monday before noon. We broke up the trip from Headcorn to Newcastle with a stop in a small village called Awsworth which is just west of Nottingham.

So, after packing up our things and saying goodbye to John, Ruth and Richard around 9am, we were on our way. Not very much to report from driving mostly on M-roads, we stopped for a morning cuppa at Starbucks in one of those roadside service areas and then drove a further 2 hours.

We started to look for a pub doing roast from around 1pm. We discarded the first 2 pubs we encountered as the first one was full and very popular... with bikies. Some kind of a "rock'n roll" event was advertised for the day and we would surely feel totally like fish out of water there. The next pub was not any better. It looked fine from a distance but once we were inside the parking lot, we realized that it was probably out of our price range as the punters looked far better dressed than us and... there was a brand spanking new red Ferrari parked just in front of it. Forget it.

Better luck with the 3rd pub, see below. A normal "family pub" offering everything from the roasts we desired to pizza, burgers, fish and chips, Mexican, steak, you name it. The pub was called The Wheelhouse and we think that it is part of a chain called "Hungry Horse".

Di is holding up the menu which was, like the rest of the pub and restaurant, very American in style.

We ordered 2 lots of roast pork with all the trimmings and 2 sparkling mineral water, all together for the price of £12. Good value.

Our pub stay for the night was only 20 minutes further driving - a pub called "Hogs Head", just outside a small village called Awsworth. As it was a slow photo day, we took a photo of the pub from the outside. Looked nice enough.

Some fancy props inside our room. We just had to take a photo of the movable combined toilet roll holder and toilet brush. For maximum convienience...

From 4pm, we had a lazy afternoon and evening, staying in our room for the rest of the day and evening as Di had a bit of an upset stomach and hadn't slept that well. Hans was just lazy and took it easy with a down day anyway.

As we will become car-less from tomorrow noon, we also needed to get anything from our many plastic bags that we wanted to keep and fit it into our travel bags or even wear, with the rest to be discarded. Hiking boots were the tricky ones as we have kept them separate during our car hire period. No more of that.

More action is likely tomorrow with some train traveling, but for now it is good night from the road.

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