Sun 15 Sep - Dent / Yorkshire Dales, England

Weather is "back to normal" today...

The above was an exact quote from a bloke running the Spar store in Hawes that we visited today. But first...

Yep, we woke up to drizzle and grey, grey, grey... Breakfast was not until 8.30am so we had a lazy morning and even ventured outside for a little while. Here is Dent where we stayed with its main feature Dent Church of England.

Di out and about before breakfast...

And then Di is first in the room for breakfast.

Around 10.30am, we decided to go for a drive and have a look around Yorkshire Dales. Not that we could see or do very much. It was grey and rainy and windy, but we thought that it put the Dales in its "right" light.

We liked this railway viaduct. Another Roman "remnant"...?

We drove to Hawes in search of a cuppa but first we stopped there in town for Di to make a call to Brian and Doro in Milton Keynes (as we could get reception there, but not in Dent).

We wanted to find out whether we would be able to catch up with them in the UK and we were also going to borrow their place in Noordwijk in Holland for 11 days in October (down from an initial one month).

We found out that Brian and Doro are off to Spain on the 8th October. We may be able to take the train up to Milton Keynes and onwards to Woughton on the Green where they live, on a day trip from London to see them whilst we are there in early October. Hopefully we can coordinate something.

All sorted for now and we found our cuppa at this place.

After a nice coffee and a shared scone, we walked to Spar to buy some supplies for simple lunch / dinner in our room for later. And yes, that was when we heard the "aye, the weather is back to normal" comment from the shopkeeper. Di is bravely posing with groceries, in the rain. Hans is even more bravely out there with the camera, in the rain.

We then drove towards The Station Inn, a pub next to the Ribblehead station, which we passed yesterday during our drive to Dent, where there were a lot of people, parked cars and footpath signs. Again, there is a great viaduct some distance away from the road, and yes, you could hike there too, but not for us today.

The area just looked great in the grey gloom...

This was the closest we got to the infamous Pennine Way. It is apparently known for... bog (!!!) and today was not hard to see why. Still, we would have liked to hike at least a tiny little bit of it. We are in Dent for two more full days so if the weather improves... ha!

As the rain continue to come down good, the creeks started to fill up with more and more water. Flooding later would probably not be out of question, so we decided it was better to go back to base and lie low, which is what we did.

Back in the room around 1.30pm, calling it quits on being outside anymore for today, and stayed indoors for a light lunch using some of our Spar supplies. "Big Bang Theory" was on TV again, and we are big fans, so we had some lunch entertainment there.

Lazy Sunday afternoon, doing some bookings; accommodation for Amsterdam and Oxford, bus tickets from Cambridge to Oxford and, of course, booking flight for Di to get from London to Amsterdam as Hans had already organised his flight from Stockholm.

And then down the stairs for a quick pint of Aviator for Hans and a gin and tonic for Di.

We are back in our room by 7pm for "in the room snacks" for dinner. We found a pack of perhaps 20 spicy meatballs at Spar for the unbeatable value of £1 which also complements red wine very well. So that's what we had.

The good ol' movie "Uncle Buck" with John Candy was on TV so we watched that too. Good night.


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