Sat 7 Sep - Aberfoyle, Scotland

We woke up in Aberfoyle to rain and more rain... The outside looked pretty bleak. Another slow day expected.

Nevertheless, eventually it stopped raining and we decided to go for a drive to see thr area.

First off, the Forestry Commission up the hill, which was supposed to have great local views from there, but this was more interesting. Go Ape as they called it, seemed to be a high ropes course including this long zip line over the valley. Looked like fun and they already had several groups lined up to be taught and go.

The view from the Forestry Commission with more rain on the horizon, otherwise the view was not very impressive - just farmland in the valley. Hans improved the view of course.

After picking up some information about hikes in the area (for if the weather improved) we moved on to Callander, the main town in the area. We parked the car on the Main Street and started wandering around.

We thought of Richard Branson when we saw this aptly named hardware store. He would have liked its name.

There was a small section of riverside walk and some bridges which we took along the River Teith, which runs through Callander.

Very picturesque and good for contemplation and reflection..."Now, did I switch off the iron before we left home...". Iron? what is that?

Di, as usual, was on the lookout for trout in the river and thinks calling out "here fishy" helps! Sorry, no photos of this silliness, nor of any "fishy" fish. Maybe next time.

We found this good karma bakery cum cafe on Main Street and had to try both. The bakery offered a variety of sourdough breads and we purchased a cob of wholemeal and walnut. The cafe served excellent espressos and teas which the added advantage of free wifi. We had brought some of our own biscuits with us, which we had with our hot drinks. Sort of sneakily of course. All good.

Then we saw a cow...

Churches in Britain seems to be used for many different purposes in these less religious times. This one was currently a visitors centre, but as you may see from the banner on the left hand side it was also for sale. Anyone interested in a church?

Behind the church, there was a small car boot sale. We wandered across and left with 4 books for a total of £2.40, I.e. 60 pence each. Di looked happy with the purchases.

The rain held off so we took the same windy road back to Aberfoyle that we arrived on yesterday, A821 including through Duke's Pass. Right of a sudden and next to Loch Achray was this magnificent building, with bumper views across the lake. Apparently it was called Tigh Mhor and is now holiday apartments. Not bad but a bit isolated, we would not have chosen to stay there.

Home for lunch, Hans to try his new sourdough bread and Di to eat mexican leftovers.

Followed by a lazy chilling afternoon, both reading a bit from our respective new book purchases - we know that paper books are very "last century" but Di claims to have already read everything on her Kindle.

Aberfoyle is a sweet little town but not very inspiring. No loch, no coast and no real mountains (average about 700 metres high), so with the weather a bit iffy we did not feel the need to go out again. Down time here makes sense as we get busy again on Monday when we move into England.

For Di this is a perfect break - cups of tea, a good book and a chance to cook in a kitchen. By 5pm she was back in the kitchen creating.

Dinner at home, fish cakes, veggies and home made potato bake, all washed down with beer, cider and wine. Yummy. Good night.


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