Sun 8 Sep - Aberfoyle, Scotland

Lazy a*se day... Also our last day in Scotland.

Well, we decided on another "not doing very much" day as neither of us felt like hiking our intended trail when we woke up this morning. The weather forecast had been moving around every time we checked it, with rain to start at some time during the day, but never the same time as the last time we checked.

Oh, bugger it. We have a one bedroom apartment all to ourselves, the weather is unpredictable, and frankly, Aberfoyle has proven to be the least interesting part of Scotland that we have visited, so why not "down tools"...

Hence, food and drink and baths and reading and researching and planning and sleeping and generally chilling was the name of today's game.

We discussed Di's mum and husband's upcoming visit to London Town from 17 October, about a week later than we originally planned to exit the British Isles, and we considered how to change our travel plans to ensure we still got a few weeks in the Netherlands. We had intended to do a quick trip to Malmö in Sweden in early November to renew Hans' Swedish passport but have now switched this so Hans will go alone to Stockholm, Sweden for a week in mid October to see his brother, friends and to renew his passport while there.

So, after booking online, Hans is now leaving London by himself on the 11th October and we will then meet again in Amsterdam, Holland on the 20th. Di will probably partly stay with friends and partly stay in London and spend time with her family once they arrive.

Here is Hans taking advantage of free wifi outside the local pub in Aberfoyle, during a break from the rain. Worked a breeze.

Obviously not a big photo day when we were not doing very much, but a couple of illustrative images from the day. Di was reading one of Edinburgh's well known crime authors, where the characters and places made much more sense now after we spent a week there.

Hans was reading a travel book about an English lady's train travel in the US. Again, people and places made much more sense now after our 6 months over there.

Lunch was leftovers, so no major cooking from Di, yet...

She did do a quick trip to Co-Op and used her last Scottish £5 note to buy a frozen apple pie, some cream and a nice wheat beer for Hans. All treats on a lazy day.

Dinner was homecooked Penne al Salmone for Hans and Penne Boscaiola for Di, accompanied by the remaining Cab Sav. All nice and easy and pleasant. More chilling in front of the TV before good night.

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