Wed 7 Aug - London, England

Down day... When not much happened and not many photos... Sorry, reader... Edinburgh tomorrow...

Well, it wasn't supposed to be a "down day". We went down for breakfast as it opened at 7.30am ready to go and check out the Windsor castle and grounds afterwards. Then it felt all too much like hard work so we decided to walk part of the Thames path instead, westwards from here rather than the usual east towards town, but we didn't get ourselves organized for that one either. So, we ended up with a slow and lazy morning.

A huge supply of bread for toast and other breakfast items arrived as we were having our breakfast, which is in the room to the right.

Around 11.30am, we decided to walk to Shephards Bush for a restock at Poundland and an early lunch at Chop Chop, where we both ordered number 73, which we both had sampled before and is very good.

After lunch, we wandered into Holland Park and checked out the "wild" animals...

We sat on a bench for a while and watched football school in progress. 2 big, black and fit dudes were training tiny kids in the art of soccer. Tomorrow's stars in the making perhaps?

And dogs, dogs, dogs everywhere in Holland Park and lots of Russian voices from what mostly looked like nannies.

Back to the London Visitors Hotel after Holland Park and chilling in the afternoon and evening. Yep, a pretty uneventful day. Lazy, lazy, and we suppose we say good night here...


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